Solo Travel – Istanbul, Turkey

Recently, I’ve been travel to Turkey and Greece. This is my first solo travel to Europe and I looooveee it so much. This is the best decision that I made in my life and I will be doing it again and again and again!!! hahhahahaha

Travelling alone is not something rare in my life dictionary, because I study far from home, so it is something that I do a lot, but I’ve never been to Europe before. To be honest it is kind of scary at first, but later I am very affirmative with what I want and yeah, I just follow the flow.

The reason why I choose Turkey and Greece is because they are two beautiful countries. I mean, Turkey is the only country that separate between Europe and Asia, the mix between this two cultures are so irresistibility beautiful that I wanna see it myself. Besides, Ottoman Empire is one of the important era as a Muslim, something that I should never forget that we are among the greatest at that time.

By the way, I choose April because it is spring in Turkey and one of the main thing I wanna do in spring is Tulips!!!! yeah, I love tulips and we don’t have tulips in Malaysia, so yeah…..

For Greece, I just went to Santorini because man, who can resist the building with blue and white domes and all the calderas and hot springs? it will be a crime for not to visit once in a lifetime. Besides, I watch the movie “Sisterhood of Travelling Pants”, that portrays how beautiful Santorini is. So, yeah I really wanna go there.

So, I would like to share my itinerary with budgets, hopefully it is useful for you guys.
p/s: This is not a budget (inexpensive or cheap) travel, because travelling alone sometimes cost you more compare to travelling in groups and depending on situation I choose for a comfortable and safe option. 

1) Flight tickets from Malaysia to Istanbul (2 hrs transit in Doha)
Qatar Airways 16/4/2018 – 26/4/2018 (RM 2159)

Day 1
-Arrive in Istanbul at 18:30, line up for immigration check (for Malaysian, we don’t need Visa)
-Shared shuttle to hotel at Sultanahmet area (10 euro- this is suck I cannot type euro sign )
-Check in at Nobel Hostel 150 TL (tips: don’t choose this hotel cause the stairs are hell)
-Big mineral water 2TL
-Istanbulkart 100TL (I mistakenly insert 100TL cause I was a dumb bunny 🙁 remember we cannot get our money back if we still have balance in the card before leaving Istanbul, I still have 25 TL in my card:(
-Rest for the big day …….ZZZZZZ

Day 2 
-Emirgan Park
Tram to Kabatas from Sultanahmet Station, then take bus to Emirgan Park (2.6 TL x 2 for tram and bus)

sultanahmet mosque is very near to my hotel

this is Emirgan Park, it is public park so no entrance fee

It’s very easy to use their public transport plus, Turkish people are so kind and helpful. If you have anything, just ask them. They for sure would lend a hand.And here come the gorgeous part – The tulips!

– After Emirgan Park, I went to Eminonu, Galata bridge and Spice bazaar (Bus to Kabatas, then Tram to Eminonu. (Istanbulkart 2.6TL and 15 TL for cruise ticket)

Eminonu is so beautiful, you can take a Bosphorus cruise here.

Spice bazaar is just a walking distance from Eminonu, just cross the road, walk to the right then you will see the spice bazaar gate.

view from Galata bridge

– Back to my hostel at Sultanahmet area by Tram
– Btw, after that I went to my friend’s house and They were so kind to me and I taste so delicious turkish food that I did not even know its name.

Day 3
-walking from my hostel to Blue mosque, Hagia sofya, Topkapi palace and Gulhane park.
-ticket for hagia sofya and Topkapi palace are 40 TL each, i just chose one cause I was on a tight budget.

world’s largest tulips carpet in front of Hagia Sofya

Hagia Sofya from outside looks lika a mosque, but it was a church during Rome empire then turned into a mosque during Ottoman era.

I love Hagia Sofya, the view inside was so spectacular:)
– Grand bazaar from sultanahmet station by Tram

glass lantern

Day 4
– Eyup Camii (tram to Eminonu, then Bus to Eyup Camii) 2.6TL x2
-Gondola to Pierr Loti hills (6TL round trips)

– Fatih Camii

– Flight to Cappadocia

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