Solo Travel- Santorini, Greece

After Cappadocia I took a flight to Athens, Greece and then to Santorini Island.. hell yeah. Santorini baby. I’ve been dreaming to go there a long time ago. By the way, I took Aegean Airline which is very cheap af that time because it was spring, not a peak season. It costed just like 100++ euro.

I went to Santorini Island for 4 days and 3 nights. The reason why I chose Santorini because for me it’s kind of place you can taste freedom and very unique with blue and white dome all over the place. It was indeed! We don’t have that kind of place in my country. I felt so free hiking along the volcanoes, watching the deep blue Aegean sea and felt the cold-warm late spring breeze all over my body… It was amazing, and undescribable. Plus blue and white dome built over the long erupted natural volcanoes turned into scenic calderas . I mean who doesn’t like that? well maybe your money don’t like that

Day 1
I arrive at 17:30 in Athens, Eleftherios Venizelos Airport for transit to Santorini Island. The journey from Istanbul was just 1.5hrs, it was very near from Turkey. I was just browsing the shops in the airport while waiting for my flight to Santorini. Arrive in Santorini at 20:35, it was just 45mins flight from Athens. Santorini airport was so small and very domestic. I prebook the private shuttle through my hotel for 20euro. Guys, it was pricey because my hotel from the airport was like 10 mins drive but I didn’t have another option, They have shared shuttle but the price is not so different plus you need to wait for others, I would rather pay for private shuttle. Like I said in my first post, I did not travel on budget (flip hair), I paid more depend on the situation.

Check in hotel near Kamari beach-the black beach. I don’t know why, but all my life I really like beach. That’s why I chose to stay there. The owner of the hotel was so nice, kinda grandpa to me. I walked to the beach at night, it was so peacefu but dead cold! hahaha, because it was spring there.

Kamari Beach

I drink beer (non-alcoholic, of course!), just enjoy the serenity of the dark night and listen to the sound of the sea and splashing waves. Then walking back to the hotel to rest.

Day 2
Free breakfast in my hotel and then took a bus to Oia. The bus ticket was 1.8euro per trip. Santorini was a small and peaceful Island, you can see all those beautiful calderas and blue and white dome from the bus. There were a lot of tourists at Oia, but they were all warm and kind to me. Some of them even offered to take my pictures. I was shocked at first because I did not expect the Greek to be this warm and welcoming, also did not expect other tourist to like me cause I’m covered. I thought maybe the mistakenly guessed I was a refugee or no visa-maid or something.Har Funny.. I love Oia so much, and literally immersed myself through the alley of blue and white dome. Every corner has it’s own picturesque spot that you shouldn’t miss to capture.

Then I walk down to Ammoudi Bay by 500++ stairs made knees screw litteraly turned lose. Ammoudi bay was kinda special place for me, because Lena met Kostas there and I hope I met my Kostas there too. Silly me.. walking along the way, you got a clear way of unending blue scenery of Aegean sea and smell of the ocean. When you look up, you will see how incredible people built all the white hotels with blue dome on a natural calderas. I couldn’t even think how did they do that? It was so high from the sea level.

Ammoudi Bay

After Oia, I took a bus to Fira- another famous town with beautiful white house built on calderas. I took a round trip cable car to Old Port- place where you can take a boat for sailing. Old port was kinda Ammoudi Bay but more souvenier shops and travel agency there. I really like there too. After, going up and explore all the beautiful white alleys, I bought a vege falafel for 2.9euro, it was so tasty. We did not have that in my country. I was so glad to found that vegetarian tavern. Fira was quite packed with tourist, and a lot of cheaper hotel here. So this was where most of them stay. It was convenient too because the bus station was here. Bear in Mind, in Santorini, in order to go anywhere in this island, you must board the bus in Fira. So, staying in Fira was economically is a good choice.
Then I went back to Kamari and watching the beautiful sunset and sunbathing under the cabana. Although, I would say, not really sunbathing because it was kind of cold in the evening.

Day 3
Took a bus to Old Port Fira for sailing. Yeay, I like sailing.. I bought a half day hot spring and volcanoes boat tour for 20 euro. They took us hiking to the nearest island like Nea Kamani island and brought us to a hot spring. A lot of other tourist sulfur-bathing in the hot spring, I didn’t though because I did not bring my swimming gear. I did not plan to jump in the water at the first place, so no regret there. It was a fun tour and worth my money. After that, I went back to the vegetarian tavern for another falafel. This time I bought fried tomatoes one. They said it was one of greek traditional food and it was sooo good. I went to another popular village with white and blue domes. Losing myself in there just exploring the place and went down to Skaros Rock. I hiked down alone guys, it was kinda hot that day with a hundred of stairs. I was so lucky I did not faint and came back with one pieces. Skaros was a remnant of a castle back then in 1800s, completely destroyed by a massive erruption. The only thing left was like a passage or stairs to the castle.
Then went back to rest at my hotel, watching another Santorini famous sunset with a sad feeling to left that place the next day.

Sailing boat at Nea Kamani Island

Day 4
Took an early flight, back to Istanbul.

It was one of the trip that I never regret. It worth every penny that I spend.
Bye guys, I thnk that’s all for this time.

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