Solo Travel- Cappadocia, Turkey

After Istanbul, my journey continue to Cappadocia for 3 days 2 nights. Cappadocia is the land of fairly tales full of chimneys and cave and valleys and all the things. Let me tell you, it’s like a paradise for those who love hikings! I took flight from Sabiha Gokchen for 148TL to Kayseri airport and then I took a shared shuttle for 30TL to Goreme town. The journey was 75min. By the way I took Helios transfer, because I read a lot of good rating about them so I just book it in advance and pay when I arrive.

I stay at Ufuk Pension Hotel, the owner was so kind but for the room I cannot give 5 stars. It was just an “okay” for me. I think I’ll just list my itinerary below, it easier to read that way.

Ufuk pension Hotel

Day 1
19:10 Arrive at Kayseri airport from Istanbul
20:00 arrive at hotel in Goreme
I just rest in hotel during that night because it was so cold and windy despite of spring, don’t forget to bring your winter jacket even it’s already spring because it’s windy there!

I book the hot air balloon tour and Green tour through my hotel because it easier that way. Of course you can wanders and find a lot of travel company in Goreme town and compare the price, but I was too lazy to do that and I think the price wasn’t so differ, so yeah it’s your choice.

Day 2
9:00 Goreme tour to Underground city, Ihlara Valley, pigeon valley, Selime monastery
The shared shuttle come to collect at hotel and the package includes all entrance ticket and lunch but no water(Har funny Har!) It was 130 TL, I think it easier to take the tour if you travel alone even if you are in group because I think transportation in Cappadocia is quite limited. They are more to shared or private tour unless you wanna rent a car and drive by your own.

Pigeon Valley

The tour was interesting and the guide will brief here and there about history. I would not elaborate about the places that I visited because you can find more about it here. But they are among attraction place in Cappadocia and worth visit.

17:00 The tour end and they sent us back to our hotel.
19:00 Dinner with couchsurfing friend
I think most of you have heard about couchsurfing, well I meet a friend name S. He’s a guy from Austria who also a solo traveller. Well he do from Europe to Asia on his own. We ate and talk about ourselves and it was a pleasure because travelling alone can be boring sometimes, you need to find people to talk and share. Walking and strolling in Goreme town at night was so wonderful. That small town full of tourists and locals who wine and dine and you can glimpse a lot of Turkish colourful glass lantern all over the place. What a sight!

21:00 I walk back to the hotel alone ( For girls, don’t afraid to walk alone, it is safe there)
retired early for Hot air balloon ride tomorrow

Day 3
5:00 Hot air balloon tour
It supposed to be a hot air balloon ride but Dear Almighty God, it couldn’t happen because it was too windy and the goverment gave orders to all the balloon ride company to stop launching for that day!
I was so devastated but apparently it is what it is. I just have a good faith in God that there must be a good reason for me not to ride the balloon. By looking at the picture of hot balloon launching in the air, I really wanna experience it but it’s okay, I replace it by watching the sunrise from the pick of a mountain and it was so splendid. I’m not good at words to describe how beautiful it is. You guys must go there and see it yourself!

9:00 Hiking to Rose Valley and Red Valley and all the caves around
This is one of the highlights! I did the walking and hiking for about 5hrs alone in the beautiful valley and explore all the beautiful natural cave and chimneys. It was so peaceful and pretty! But it was kind of windy that day. Can you imagine, standing and infront of you is a piece of wide land that are full of fairy chimneys as wide as eye can see? Splendid guys! If you ask me, this was one of my proudest moment to prove that I indeed am a brave woman. Kid you not, challenge yourself to do this! I felt so carefree and tired. Hahahaha.

Rose Valley

17:00 arrive back in Goreme town to have late lunch
During my walking back to town, there was an Uncle who drive ATV, when he saw me walking he offered to ride with him. Guys, Turkish people are so heart warming and kind. I thought a few tears dropped when I ride with him. Even I couldn’t take the balloon ride, God gave me another experience to be added in my adventure book.

19:00 overnight bus to Istanbul

That’s all for my journey in Cappadocia, of course there were alot more but it will be too long to share all of it, bye guys.. will share for my journey to Greece next 😉

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