Say Good Bye to Disgusting Moles

So, yesterday I went to meet a dermatologist asking for advice about 2 moles on my face. They were just flat moles but I really find it disgusting and not comfortable with it, so I ask my doctor to remove it.

This clinic located in KL, if you guys have heard about Poliklinik & Medikulit Kepong. I read some reviews before going there, and I thought if your mole are flat and small, it’s not gonna be that expensive, but seems like it depend on the doctor I guess, because they charge mine for smallest one is RM60 and the other one is RM80.

For the procedure, so far I am satisfied, because they use laser removal and it is painless. Before they remove the moles, they injected numbing medication/ anesthesia so that when the laser burn the mole’s root, it would not be painful.

After it finish, there are two small holes on my face, but the doctor explain how to take care of it. You need to make sure that particular area always dry and put antibiotic cream on it twice daily. Please do not remove the dead skin that grow on it after several days, let it fall off by itself because if you remove it, that will leave scars on your face. We don’t want that.

Clinic Name: Poliklinik medikulit & Surgery

source: Google

Consultation: RM50

Anesthesia: RM50

Small mole: RM60

Medium mole: RM80

Total: RM240

By the way, you can pay by a credit card/debit card

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