Losing Someone You love

Losing someone you love deeply is hard. You will never know how much it’s hurt until you lose someone who is very close to you.

I lost my father 3 years ago. I thought it will be easier with time goes by but it’s still hurt so much and I still miss my father every single day. Sometimes I cry every single night, because I can’t talk to the person I love the most and cannot see him any longer.

Sometimes I questioned God, why did He do this to me? Why me? Why not other people out there who has everything in their life. I just want my father. He gave everything to me and he was my hero.

Losing my father makes me afraid to love other people because I know how much it’s hurt and to lose someone again is so unbearable . I would rather live alone for the rest of my life, than be hurt by losing someone that I love again.

What can we say? Life is indeed unfair. I miss you daddy, I will be your lovely little angel forever… Please forgive me

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