Christchurch Mosque Terrorist Attack!

I am sending my deepest condolences to all Muslim brothers and sisters in Christchurch, New Zealand. This terrorist act has no place in the world. Muslim brothers and sisters went for a special prayer- Jumaat prayer with the pure intention to worship Allah, but they were innocently killed. here

May Allah grand them a special place in Paradise. Amen.

It was totally break my heart to know that, there are people out there who hate us- Muslim so much. Even though we did nothing to them. How cruel they are to gun down people who are peacefully worshipping their God in a Mosque like playing video game or something. They treat our Muslim brothers and sisters like animals. Even I don’t have a gut to do things like that to animals!

People are hating and judging Muslim because of the act of some extremist group that claimed to be Muslim but they are definitely not a Muslim in the first place. Our religion don’t teach us to do extremist things like that. I do not hate entire Australian because of this one terrorist Australian, Brenton Tarrant. I hope people out there can do the same too to our Muslim brothers and sisters.

We are the same human being like all of you, who wish to live in this world peacefully, before return to God- forever.

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